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The Beef On Beef

YRB Making Beef Cattle Worth Raising Again 

Yellow Rose Beef (YRB) was created just as much for Texas beef raisers as it was for our customers. The beef industry has made it very hard for the ranchers to sell their cattle for a respectable profit margin. This problem has progressively gotten worse the past 10 years. The big corporate packers are purchasing cattle for a very minimum amount from the rancher. The cattle then are fed out, finished, and processed by the packer. The packer sells the product and is absorbing over 85% of the final return. YRB is working with qualified Texas beef raisers in ways to put more profit in their pockets.  Our coalition will bring you more local, all natural beef and at a respectable price. The fact is much of the US quality beef is shipped to China and other countries. Meanwhile the US is purchasing beef from South America and other countries that do not have near the standards or requirements as YRB. This imported beef has often been raised on steroids, hormones, and several antibiotics.  These help the calf reach a harvesting weight much faster than naturally, but also come with negative impacts to human health and growth. YRB will always be all naturally grown with no steroids or hormones. Antibiotics are only used minimally and only in life or death circumstances.  Our cattle have a strong influence of Angus bloodline to create premium marbling experience.  When you buy Yellow Rose Beef your not only treating yourself to a premium healthy product, but your also helping out your local rancher in a Texas Sized way..... Shop Local and Eat Beef!

Truth About Beef: Truth About Beef
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